Email to submit a Rent-A-Rower request.

$15/hr per Rower

Upcoming Rent-a-Rower Weekend:

Rent-a-rower May 11th and 12th

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Use the following form to contact Sam Callan, Rent-a-Rower coordinator and Vice Commodore, to request Rent-A-Rower information or propose a project for us. Remember, scheduling of Rent-a-Rower projects are based on a first-come, first-serve basis! You will be notified as soon as possible if we can fit your project in to our very limited and tight schedule. If one of the dates below does not work for your schedule, contact Sam for special arrangements/personal rent-a-rowers. The Rent-a-Rower rate is $15/hr per rower. The minimum is 2 rowers for 2 hours. If you would like us to bring a truck for dumping or moving anything there will be a $15 fee for bringing the truck, a $5 fee for every trip taken to the dump, and a $5 fee for taking anything more than 15 miles from the job site. All trucks belong to individual rowers, so these costs help them to pay for gas and wear and tear in their personal vehicles. Thank you for your support and understanding!


The information collected here is used for Rent-a-Rower purposes only. We respect your privacy and would never sell or distribute your information to anyone at anytime.