The Cougs finished up a great first spring racing weekend. It was rewarding to not only race UW but also SU. This experience gave all our crews a great baseline for the rest of the season and we expect big things to come. During the SU dual both of our varsity fours pulled ahead of the SU four which was very encouraging to see. On the novice eight side of things, we saw both of our eights pull ahead of SU as well. Race results are posted below. 


Varsity Fours

WSU V4 B 6:50.6

WSU V4 A 7:00.59

SU V4 7:11.45

Novice Eights

WSU N8 A 6:33.9

WSU N8 B 7:04.59

SU N8 7:55.51

SU 2x 8:50.78



The Cougs finished up their first spring race and are ready to go again tomorrow against Seattle U. They were able to set a good benchmark and hope to one-up it by knocking out the kinks they found in the UW races. Race schedule is below.


8:00 am Varsity Men's Fours

8:10 am Novice Men's Eights 



The Cougs first spring race was just as exciting as anticipated. The varsity and novice men were able to find a good benchmark for the rest of the season and hope to build off of this race with the next one. Race results and athlete statements are below.


Varsity Eights 

UW 3V8 5:56

WSU 1V8 6:10

Novice Eights 

UW 1N8 5:56

WSU 1N8 6:30

WSU 2N8 7:04

Varsity Fours

UW V4 A 6:27

UW V4 B 6:36

WSU V4 B 6:51

WSU V4 A 6:57

Novice Fours

UW V4 C 6:34

UW V4 D 6:41

WSU V4 D 7:07

WSU V4 C 7:26

Evan Thornton- Freshman

The race was really good. We just wanted to set a good benchmark for the year and we really did that today. The flat water helped and while we were going we felt good, we felt together, and we felt as one. We did what we wanted to do and even better so, we are excited to make it even better. 


 After a long frigid winter of building fitness, the Cougs are ready to showcase their hard work on the water this weekend in Seattle. The varsity and novice men are excited for back-to-back race days, going against UW on Saturday and SU on Sunday. This is the novice's first overnight regatta so nerves are high, but the Cougs are ready to get some great racing to start off their spring season. 


9:10am Men's Eights
10:00am Men's Fours, Flight 1
10:10 Men's Fours, Flight 2
10:20 Men's Fours, Flight 3