Despite being sunny and 60 degrees, the snake's water didn't fair well. Winds caused rough waters along the course prompting the coaches to shorten the 5.8k course down to 2.3k. A massive tailwind was also blowing along the course. Below are some statements from athletes and race results.


Flight 1

1 GU 1v8+ 7:20.1 

WSU 1v8+ 7:29.8

WSU 1n8+ 9:01.0 

WSU 3n8+ 9:18.5

GU 2v/1n8+ 9:26.3 

WSU 2n8+ 9:38.4 

WSU Club Women 1v4+ 11:01.2 

WSU 1v2x 11:11.2 

Flight 2

GU 2v8+ 8:11.4 

WSU 1v4+ B 8:36.7 

WSU 1v4+ A 8:47.8 

GU 2v/2n8+ 9:25.9 

WSU C/D 8+ A 9:29.2 

WSU C/D 8+ B 9:52.3

WSU 2v/1n4+ 9:52.9 

WSU Club Women 1v/1n4+ 13:03.2 

Cedar Cunningham - Senior

The race expectations were high, however we did not preform as well as we hoped to. We are excited to get better this next week and head up to Spokane for another shot at beating the bulldogs.

Kyle Hole - Freshman

As we progressed through the races we all found our rhythm and got quicker. It was very exciting to be out in the water racing and we all brought the energy. We worked well together quickly adjusting and getting better.

Cooper Page - Freshman

The first race of the season felt really good. Our boat found great success in the transitions even in the rough water today. Our boat did a great job motivating each other through the whole race. 

Xavier Fortier - Freshman

First race, winds were blowing hard, the waves were crashing, but we held it together and preserved through. With good transitions and determination we pulled through. Second race was just as hype and felt more smooth overall, stayed at a good pace and gave it everything we got at the end. Overall a good first race day!



Anticipation is high for the first race of the 2021-2022 season. We are excited to be able to finally host on the snake with spectators, especially on parents weekend. After working hard all summer and fall both varsity and novice squads are ready to throw down on the snake. The varsity is excited to get some competition against the Gonzaga crew and start a this season off on a strong note. Many novice will be racing in their first race ever resulting in a great mix of nerves and excitement. The lineups and schedule are below.


9:00 a.m. - Flight 1

10:30 a.m. - Flight 2