Covered Bridge Regatta 


The Cougs were able to get in some incredible racing over the weekend. In the morning there was little to no wind and glass but near the time for finals the wind picked up and there was some choppy water. Despite this, the varsity men were able to get first in not only their placement heat but the A finals as well beating out crews such as Oregon State and UC Davis to name a few. The novice women were also able to do the same getting first in not only their placement heat but the A final as well. The full results are listed below.


Men's Varsity 8 Heat

Washington State 6:08.8

UC Davis 6:13.1

Oregon State 6:18.4

WWU 6:36.8

Oregon 6:45.3

Men's Varsity 8 Final

Washington State 6:26.4

UC Davis 6:41.9

WWU 6:59.7

Oregon 7:03.3

Men's Novice 8 Heat

UC Davis 6:34.2

Washington State 6:34.9

WWU 6:49.1

Oregon 6:55.9

Sonoma State 7:35.8

Men's Novice 8 Final

Oregon State 6:38.8

WWU 6:51.5

Washington State 6:59.1

Oregon 7:11.5

Men's Novice 4 Heat

UC Davis B 7:34.5

Washington State 7:44.2

WWU B 8:09.0

WWU A 8:21.3

Oregon 8:31.0

Chico State 8:42.3

UNLV 8:51.8

Men's Novice 4 Final

UC Davis A 7:40.4

Cal Poly Humboldt 7:56.4

UC Davis B 8:01.1

Washington State 8:03.4

Lewis & Clark 9:15.8

Women's Novice 4 Heat

Washington State 8:06.4

Chico State 8:36.6

Cal Poly Humboldt 8:44.7

Southern Oregon University 9:04.7

Oregon 9:08.6

UNLV 11:11.9

Women's Novice 4 Final

 Washington State 8:28.1

Cal Poly Humboldt 9:13.7

Southern Oregon University 9:42.5

UNLV 12:38.9


 After getting some great times last weekend's dual the cougs are ready to showcase it while lined up against multiple crews. For the novice, this will be their first time lining up against 5+ crews, while this will be nerve-racking they hope to feed off of it and the adrenaline that comes with it. The weather for tomorrow is looking rainy and cold but, the wind seems to be very manageable which will make for some exciting rowing. Schedule and lineups are below.


8:10 AM Men's 1N8

9:00 AM Men's 1V8

9:20 AM Men's 1N4

9:30 AM Women's 1N4


12:10 Men's 1V8

12:30 Women's 1N4

TBD Men's 1N8

TBD Men's 1N4