Cougar Crew Hires New Head Coach

Cougar Crew is pleased to announce that we have chosen Peter Brevick as the new head coach and director.

Mr. Brevick is a WSU alum who began rowing for Cougar Crew in 2002. During his career as an oarsman, he made a name for himself, earning a seat in the top varsity boat his freshman year, and competing at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) championships three times during his tenure here. He also served as Commodore, taking a leadership role as a student athlete.

Recently, Peter has coached at the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation (OKCBF), where he has led multiple boats to the Grand Finals at Youth Nationals, including this past season, where he led the Boy’s 4+ to a silver medal finish.

“The fact that he has gone on to coach such high-caliber teams and athletes and is returning to Pullman says a lot about our program’s positive direction and the standard we are trying to set…” Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at UREC Matt Shaw said in a press release.

Coach Brevick will be replacing longtime head coach Arthur Ericsson, who began his career at WSU in 2004. Cougar Crew will resume rowing this fall. Special thanks to the search committee for their hard work and dedication in making this decision and we are beyond thankful for all the support we have received from alumni, members, and parents during the selection process. Congratulations, Peter!

WSU-UW Duel Results

The Snake River provided rough weather conditions for the races against UW this Saturday morning. Consistent 15-20mph cross-headwinds made the first two events extremely difficult. The Varsity 8 led off the day with whitecap water conditions. Constant gusts and some major side rollers made it difficult for the boat to move and the boat finished after UW with a time of 7:41.4. The 1st Novice 8 raced hard through the rough conditions as well, finishing with a time of 8:04.7. 

The wind settled down a little for the Junior Varsity 8, however it turned into a slight crosswind when the race begin. The JV8 stuck with UW for the first 400m however the conditions worsened and they finished second with a time of 7:43.6. The Cougar Crew 2nd Novice 8 finished with a time of 7:51.5 under less extreme conditions. 

Next up on April 22nd, the Fawley Cup will mark the last race of the dual season. After this race the team will be going to California and Georgia for three championship regattas. 


  1. UW 1F8 7:01.4 
    2. Washington State 1V8 7:41.4
  2. UW 2F8 7:23.4
    2. Washington State 1N8 8:04.7
  3. UW 1F8 6:51.8
    2. Washington State 2V8 7:43.6
  4. UW V/F8 6:45.0
    2. Washington State 2N8 7:51.5

UW Dual

This Saturday, the Cougar Crew Men’s team will compete in its lone home race of the season, on the Snake River. The team will face the University of Washington for the second time in two weeks, with two varsity eights and two novice eights being sent down to defend our home water. Coach Hurley, with the varsity, has adjusted the lineups from last week’s race in Seattle.  The Varsity 8+ will now be led by second-year oarsmen Nate Endebrock, while senior Donovan Labriola will take command of the Junior Varsity.  Coach spoke about the changes leading into the race, saying “We have gone back to basics this week, emphasizing simplicity and effort.  We will need both, in copious amounts, in order to properly challenge the top Freshman from Washington.” The first flight will be the 1V8 race at 9:00am and 2V8 will race at 9:50am.

The 1N8 will be racing the same lineups with just a few seat changes, with some rowers racing twice. New spring recruit Brett Pelan made a statement for this upcoming race “ Practicing on the Snake River is one of the greatest things I’ve done while being a Coug and to be able to race against powerhouse collegiate teams like Washington will be a great experience, our goal is to make them work as hard as possible to beat us and come off the course knowing we tried our best.”
The 1N8 will be racing at 9:10am and the 2N8 will race at 10:00am.

After the racing has concluded there will be a moms row from 10:45am-12:15pm.

Next Saturday our club women will race the WSU varsity program’s novice crews.

Directions to BoatHouse

C - Raquel Guerra-Lewis
S - Nate Endebrock
7 - Matt Elliott
6 - Devon McCornack
5 - Sam Callan
4 - August Boyle
3 - Zach Morgan
2 - Ramiro Gonzalez
B - Ryan McGinnis
C - Ridge Peterson
S - Donovan Labriola
7 - Alex Ashton
6 - Henry Holloway
5 - Ryan "Paste" Gehring
4 - Sean Cornia
3 - Zeke Nelson
2 - Ramiro Gonzalez
B - Ryan McGinnis

C - Will Hammond
S - John Michael Najarian
7 - Chris Petershagen
6 - Eric Furrer
5 - Jose Zuniga
4 - Trevor Zook
3 - Alex Welch
2 - Bjorn Elliot
1 - Dylan Baty

C - Albert Chafin
S - John Michael Najarian
7 - Chris Petershagen
6 - Eric Furrer
5 - Jose Zuniga
4 - Brett Pelan
3 - Daniel Moguel
2 - Connor Hoeksema
1 - Payton Schorn 

Cougar Crew Races Hard at Husky Open

WSU Cougar Crew raced at the Husky Open this Saturday, April 1, gaining some valuable experience racing on the Montlake Cut. The Varsity 8 led off Cougar Crew’s racing day going against #3 ranked UW and Western Washington. Washington led the whole way leaving Western Washington and Washington State battling it out. The V8 ultimately lost contact around the 700 meter mark with Western Washington and finished with a time of 6:32.0. The 2nd Varsity 8 went up next and finished with a time of 6:44.0.

The novice men went up against a stacked field as well, facing Washington, Gonzaga, and Western Washington. They went off the line strong, staying in contact with the other three boats for almost 300 meters. They were no match for UW but held a tight lead over the other two boats for a 2nd place finish in 6:33.2, one length over Gonzaga and two lengths ahead of WWU.  “The novice 8 had a solid race from start to finish and I’m glad they were being pushed by Gonzaga and Western,” remarked Head Coach Arthur Ericsson.  “There’s some timing issues to tighten up and we’ll continue to look at guys from our second boat to see if we can find an even faster lineup combination.”  The novice four went up against Washington, Lewis & Clark, and Puget Sound and finished fourth in the varsity event with a time of 7:22.8.

The club women raced a varsity four and were impressed with their results after only putting this boat together recently. The club women raced in a three team field with Washington and Pacific University. They finished in second with a time of 8:17.4. 

Cougar Crew Heads Down to Seattle to Face Rival UW

This weekend the Cougars will head down to Seattle to race in the Husky Open. The men’s Varsity will be competing with two full eights. Varsity will be launching approximately at 8:00am and face rivals UW as well as Puget Sound, Lewis & Clark, and Western Washington. The JV will launch 15 minutes later and face off against Washington, Gonzaga, and Western Washington. 

The men’s varsity is looking forward to having a good race. Six seat of the varsity eight Sam Callan said that “with the new training implemented by coach we have some solid varsity eight practice time to work on connection and finishes, we are confident we can apply this training to race day this Saturday.” 

The novice will be sending down a full eight that will be entered as third varsity boat and a novice four will be entered into the varsity four event. Coach Arthur made a statement about this saying “the novice 8 is racing in the 3rd varsity 8 event against three strong programs.  I feel like we've done everything we can do to be prepared for this race, but also know that we'll take away learning experiences as well.  The novice 4 is entered in the only fours event offered, the varsity 4. The crew have just as much strength and conditioning as the guys in the 8 but are further behind in their technical development.  It would be exciting if they can challenge any of the varsity crews entered.”

The novice look to continue their dominance against rival Gonzaga and have solid showing against UW. The lineup has changed since fall however Jose Zuniga, a new addition to the top novice boat is confident they can produce the same results, “the guys have really been pushing each other in the erg room and on the water which has made us faster and more competitive as a group, we are ready to show we are still the same novice boat that won in the fall.” The novice will be launching at 10:07am in the 3V field and the novice four will launch at 10:17am in the V4 field. 

The women’s club team will be heading down as well and will be racing a four. The boat will have great leadership with senior Commodore Katie Fowler in three seat. She had some encouraging words for her teammates, “Alyx and I have been on the team and even though Lanee and Becca are both considered novice, they have prior rowing experience with clubs on the westside. This weekend we are looking to get and race worries and jitters out of the way. We are hoping to see as well where our fitness stands so moving forward over the next couple of weeks leading to WIRA, we know what we have to work on. We are excited to be having Sid Cox us because she knows this course well and also knows how to motivate us so we will be pulling all the way through the race to the finish line. Husky Open is always a great way to start out spring racing season and I am happy this four has the opportunity to race this weekend.”

1V8 8:00am start
1 August Boyle
2 Matt Elliot
3 Sean Cornia
4 Zach Morgan
5 Devon McCornack
6 Sam Callan
7 Nate Enderbrock
8 Ryan McGinnis
Cox Raquel Guerra-Lewis

2V8 8:15am start
1 Jacob Anderson
2 Zeke Nelson
3 Alexander Ashton
4 Donovan Labriola 
5 Daniel Moguel
6 Henry Holloway
7 Ryan Gehring 
8 Ramiro Gonzalez 
Cox Ridge Peterson

3V8 10:07am start
1 Dylan Baty
2 Bjorn Elliot
3 Eric Furrer
4 Trevor Zook
5 Jose Zuniga
6 Alex Welch
7 Chris Petershagen
8 John Michael Narjarian
Cox Albert

N4 10:17am start
1 Payton Schorn    
2 Brett Pelan
3 Connor Hoeksema
4 Reidar Jacobson
Cox Vee Feyling

1 Rebecca Stern
2 Alyx Powell 
3 Katie Fowler
4 Lanee Hagen
Cox Sidney Cross


Cougs Face Off Against Gonzaga

The Cougars put in a strong showing this year at the annual erg duel, but ultimately lost to Gonzaga. The erg dual consisted of eight rowers in each heat who would race against each other in their own group. The winners were the team with the best average of the 2000 meter and 1500 meter pieces. 

Highlights of the erg dual included sophomore Devon McCormack, who finished second overall in the 2k and placed in the top five in the 1.5k. Devon said “he was proud of his improvement and proud of his other teammates who stepped up and had PR (personal best) times.” 

The novice showed great signs of future success on the water with novice John Michael Najarian and Chris Petershagen finishing in the top 25 overall of both race pieces. Coach Arthur had high praise for his novice saying “The novice bought into the entire challenge.  Not only did they lay down their best 2k, but they came back and did it all again on the 1.5k, dropping more than 1.0 second off their average split.  This stands out more than anything, willing to do battle two times in a row shows great desire and maturity."

The men will meet the Gonzaga Bulldogs one last time this season at Fawley Cup on April 22nd.  

Cougs Travel to Spokane for the Annual Erg Dual

This Saturday, February 25th is the first spring race for WSU Cougar Crew. The team is travelling to Gonzaga for the annual erg duel between the two teams. All rowers will compete in a 2000m race on the ergs, followed by a 1500m several hours later. This weekend marks the third of four races with Gonzaga this year. The dual begins at 9am with the first of three heats. Spectators are invited and encouraged to attend. They can enter through the ticket office at the McCarthey Athletic Center and follow the signs to the Harry A. Green Indoor Rowing Facility.

For almost 2 months the men’s team have been indoors and on the ergs getting ready for spring racing. Vice Commodore Ryan Gehring said “with Fawley Cup coming up later in April, the erg dual will give us a great indication of how we currently stack up against Gonzaga.”

For the novice, this will be their first erg dual against Gonzaga. Our novice were highly successful against Gonzaga’s novice, sweeping them in all three of the fall races.  Freshman Chris Petershagen said “we are determined to continue our success, we have some new guys that are stepping up and it would be great to come away with another win.”

Defending the Snake 


This Sunday, November 13th, will be the last race of this fall season for Cougar Crew. The Washington State crews will look to throw down a great 5000 meter race on the Snake River against the visiting Gonzaga Bulldogs. 

All racing will begin at 2:00pm, with boats crossing the starting line one after the other in the following order: 1st Varsity 8+, 2nd Varsity 8+, 3rd Varsity 8+, 1st Novice 8, 2nd Novice 8, 3rd Novice 8.  Looking to improve on their showing last weekend at the Head of the Lake, all of the varsity lineups have changed from the Head of the Lake as Coach Alec Hurley looks to find the best top end speed and power. 

The Novice will be entering three full eights at the race this weekend. The top novice eight have been impressive this fall and look to complete a sweep against Gonzaga’s top novice boat. Six seat Hayden Sundstrom (freshman, Criminal Justice major) stated “ We are ready to show that we can compete and win consistently against other top programs.  To win on the Snake River would be great.”  Coach Ericsson is also excited to field a lightweight lineup as the 2nd novice boat, commenting “They have showed consistent tenacity and their boat speed can be impressive.”

The finish line is in front of the Ken Abbey Shellhouse at Wawawai Landing.


Change Coming to the Lightweight Women

By: Sidney Cross


This upcoming year is going to be full of changes for the lightweight women. This fall 2016, will mark the first year that the lightweights will be accepting women without the weight limit of 130lbs stopping their recruitment possibilities. With the new change of the team from purely lightweights to now an open weight club team there will also be a name change to this program. Washington State University Lightweight Women will now be called Washington State University Club Women’s Rowing. With the weight limit lifted from the program it will be great to see the number girls that will be recruited this summer to build a more competitive team. Even though this will become an openweight club team for the women, there will still be a high focus on having competitive crews in the lightweight division as well with the new openweight races.

Along with the new changes to the name and all around program itself, the women’s team will also be receiving a new coach. With Giles leaving the program after his four years at WSU the women are looking forward to a new coach. At this point we may have an exchange program set up with the coaches on the other side of the Atlantic, being that Dave Kempsell is also from England. Dave comes to Washington State after his fourth year of coaching at Bedford Modern School in England, where he has coached multiple crews winning national titles and medals, including a number of junior GB internationals.

Dave began rowing at Brunel University before joining Star Club in Bedford where he rowed in the first ever Star crew to reach a final at Henley Royal Regatta in the 2011 Thames Cup, before winning the Britannia Challenge Cup in 2012, the club’s first Henley trophy. Dave then moved to Leander Club in Henley, placing 5th in the first GB trial after the London Olympics, and picking up a bronze medal at the 2013 British Championships. Dave also represented England twice, at the 2010 and 2012 Home Countries Regatta, winning the coxed four event in 2012. Since ending his competitive rowing career, Dave has continued using the erg to keep fit, setting a new British record for the Marathon in the 19-29 age category in February 2016.

Dave has moved to Washington to study for a Masters in Sport Management and to experience the U.S. collegiate rowing scene first hand.



Cougar Crew Takes on the Head of the Lake


Cougar Crew heads over to Seattle to race at the Head of the Lake regatta this Sunday, November 6th. The 4800m headrace starts at Lake Union, goes through the legendary Montlake Cut, and finishes in Lake Washington. Cougar Crew men square off against top competition including Stanford, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, and rival, Gonzaga. Commodore August Boyle stated “Our team thrives on these opportunities to face top collegiate programs and we look forward to showing that we can be competitive.”   

The headrace is a time trial, racing against the clock, one boat after another chasing each other.  

Racing will begin at 8:00am PT. with the men’s top varsity eight. They will look to improve on their time from their headrace at the Head of the Spokane with newly adjusted lineups. The junior varsity will be starting right behind the top varsity eight at 8:03am, followed by the Novice crew racing in the third varsity eight at 8:13am. 

The novice look to build off of their strong win against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Chris Petershagen, seven-seat of the first novice eight said “the guys are excited to compete against other program’s 3V boats. Some of them may have more experience, however we are confident in our ability to compete.” 

This Sunday the club women will be bringing two boats to Head of the Lake. This is a varsity race where we will be representing WSU in a women’s 8+ and 2x. Both boats are facing fierce competition against the University of Washington and look forward to seeing how all of their training will pay off. This is an exciting race for all crews present due to the close proximity to onlookers in the Montlake Cut and the twists and turns of the course. Since the club women’s program started as a lightweight program the times of the race have only gotten faster and faster, so to see what an openweight boat can do at this head race will be a good precedent on where we are and how we have improved. Coach Dave Kempsell believes that "Head of the Lake gives our Varsity squad the first chance to test themselves against other club programs and a number of other schools from all over the West Coast. The double will see last year's ACRA Bronze Medal winning crew reunited, and the eight actually has two novice oarswomen who have really impressed early in their rowing careers. I know they're both excited at the opportunity to learn from racing with our more experienced rowers, and I'm sure the weekend will be a big help in setting our squad up to race well in the Spring." The women’s W2x event will start at 11:04am and the WV8+ will be at 11:45am. 

Cougar Crew will be rowing out of the Lake Washington Rowing Club on the north side of Lake Union.

Head of the Lake 2016Lineups



Today Cougar Crew  faced off against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. It was classic Spokane weather with cloudy skies however, the water was perfect for racing. 

The 4500 meter racing started off with the men’s 1st Varsity 8 racing at 9:00am. The rowers followed Coach Alec Hurley’s race plan by starting off at a rate 36 for the first minute and settling at 32 until the sprint. Unfortunately, they were not able to make up the distance and finished behind Gonzaga with a time of 14:25. Next up was the men’s 2V8 who followed the same race plan as the 1V8 and showed the depth of Cougar Crew’s varsity, however they fell just short of Gonzaga by two seconds with a time of 14:59. The stroke of the 2V8 stated, “when you lose by that close of a margin, you can't help but over-analyze what you could have done better, but I am proud of my fellow teammates today.” Cougar Crew was also able to race a 3V8 who finished with a time of 15:53. Along with racing eights, 16 rowers also raced in the fours event as well. The Cougar’s showed great resilience and effort with the MV4 A boat beating Gonzaga’s MV4 A boat by 37 seconds with a time of 15:33. 

WSU’s first year novice showcased what they have learned over these last two months at their very first race. The Novice 8 A boat was able to pass Gonzaga for a 17 second win.  The Novice B boat was a lightweight lineup and represented their ranking well, 38 seconds behind Gonzaga.  The Novice C and D boats raced an hour later and kept their times within a competitive margin.  “It’s not often that four novice boats can all execute solid races on their first go,” commented Head Coach Arthur Ericsson. “Given their relative inexperience, I’m very happy that each race went as well as it did.”

The club women started the racing season off on a good foot, representing cougar crew with a varsity 8 and two novice 8s. Challenges were met in all races but that did not stop them from pulling hard for the entirety of the race. The varsity 8 went off at 10:15am against Gonzaga and the WSU varsity program. The course had quick conditions making the start line a mess to work with, coxswain Grace Montgomery did a great job keeping her crew focussed and ready for the race to start despite not having a working cox box for the race. Not being able to hear the coxswain did not slow the crew down and the 8 held it together and moved as one in order to have a strong finish to their first race. The varsity 8 boat finished with a time of 17:26. The novice 8 A boat experienced the same issue with not having a cox box but they stayed hard on the heels of the WSU varsity women’s novice A boat. The club novice A boat only finished 21 seconds behind the novice varsity program A boat with a time of 18:51. The novice 8 B boat went off at the same time as the varsity 8 at what was supposed to be 10:15am, but was pushed back due to continuously late start times throughout the regatta. Two women from the A boat hot seated into the B boat as a rower and coxswain. You could hear the coxswain Becca Stern motivating her crew and pushing them all the way through the finish buoys to have a solid sprint with an end time of 20:52. For the team's first 5k all boats pushed themselves through the line to have a solid finish.

Race Results: Head_of_the_Spokane




Cougar Crew Faces Off Against Gonzaga

Cougar Crew kicks of their fall racing season with the annual Head of the Spokane. This coming Saturday, October 22, the Washington State Cougars will be facing off against the Gonzaga Bulldogs in a 4,500m headrace. Cougar Crew is a club team with both men’s and women’s squads.  In all, Cougar Crew has ten 8’s entered this Saturday.

Assistant Coach Alec Hurley returns for his second year and looks to showcase the depth and power of the men’s varsity. The varsity will be racing three eights and the top two eights will also be racing a second time, split into fours. The varsity rowers have been throwing down some impressive times during practice and are determined to apply their success on the Snake to the Spokane River.  Head Coach Arthur Ericsson has been working hard to develop his novice and prepare them for their first race. With an outstanding recruiting effort, this year's novice class will be entering four full eights. “We’ve done everything we could have done to prepare for this race,” noted Coach Ericsson.  “The key to having a good first race will be focus, relaxation and a unified effort.”  

This Saturday also marks the first race of the season for the novice and varsity openweight club women. Along with the novice never being at this course, new women’s coach Dave will be here for his first race as coach of this program experiencing the Spokane River. Coach Dave is looking forward to strong racing from each boat against Gonzaga and Washington State’s varsity women’s program. The goal of this race is to set up competitive times for the races to come and to compete with the other teams present. The boats for Head of the Spokane will be one varsity 8 and two novice 8s. Jolee in the novice ‘A’ boat announced, “I’m really excited to see what a race feels like and to see what we can do as a team”. This excitement echoes throughout all of the novice rowers in our crew, and helps drive them to push themselves everyday. With a growing team the openweight women look forward to this weekend and to the rest of what the year has to offer.

Racing takes place between 9:00 and 10:30am at the Gonzaga boathouse on the Spokane River. Directions can be found at